Insights into the Clipper Fund

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    Goals of the Fund, types of companies in the Portfolio, top holdings, portfolio characteristics, and historical performance.

    Manager Commentary -
    Semi-Annual Review 2019
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    An interview with the Fund Managers.

    Chris Davis on the Current Market Download View

    PM Chris Davis on why investors should welcome volatility, the risk that most investors are completely blind to, and where we see real opportunity being created

    Composition Report Download

    Quarterly update of portfolio characteristics.

    Insights into Successful Investing

    Important Changes for Roth IRAs Download

    Details regarding rule changes for converting qualified retirement plans into Roth IRAs

    How to Read Mutual Fund Advertisements Describing Total Return Download

    This hypothetical advertisement helps investors read mutual fund ads with a critical eye. (Copyright © 2003 by the Investment Company Institute).

    Equity markets are volatile and an investor may lose money. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Davis Distributors, LLC, is the distributor of the Fund.