November 29, 2023

Yesterday, the world lost a great man, a great teacher, a great exemplar and the wisest person I have ever known.

Although naturally brilliant, Charlie Munger acquired wisdom over the entire span of his long life through constant reading, deep curiosity, careful observation, and candid self-criticism. I do not know a single person whose life would not be improved by emulating the principles by which Charlie lived. As we imagine a world without this great man in it, we should embrace the advice of the stoic philosopher Seneca whom Charlie greatly admired:

“Cherish some man of high character, and keep him ever before your eyes, living as if he were watching you, and ordering all your actions as if he beheld them…Great is the man who can make others better not merely when he is in their company, but even when he is in their thoughts."

Chris Davis,
Chairman & Portfolio Manager

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Mastering the Mental Game of Investing

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